Logistics Security

As Ankalaps Planning Team, we are aware of our responsibilities.

Logistics is defined as 'delivering the right product to customers' at the right cost, at the right place and at the right time, at the right amount, in the right quantity, among the most important units of Ankalaps.

Ankalaps Logistics unit is to increase customer satisfaction by minimizing operational costs and standardized process structures with qualified management.

The logistics unit has many different needs ranging from warehouse management, port operations, vehicle tracking, mobile field operations. Therefore, the importance of information technology is increasing day by day. In this context, IT is structured effectively in all logistic activities, increasing operational performance.

As Ankalaps Planning Team, we are aware of our responsibilities!

Distribution cost management and optimization of logistics solutions, providing competent and well-trained personnel in logistics-shipping and receiving departments, regional customer satisfaction (OTIF, delivery time, complaints, other logistics KPIs) complies with global trade rules.

Logistics planning;
Short and long-term planning of export, import logistics supply chain and storage capacities of external logistics warehouses and domestic transportation,
Safe and environment-friendly operation of logistics facilities,
Continuous monitoring of logistics operations in the field, counter measurements in case of target / actual deviation in technical failures,
Ensuring logistic cost control, ensuring legal compliance for the transportation of dangerous goods, working with expert consultants (ADR, IMDG, IATA),
Regular inspection and reconciliation of warehouse inventory,
To ensure continuous optimization of logistic processes and root cause investigations for timely deliveries and improvements in cost efficiency,
Logistics equipment vehicle equipment forklift and returnable packaging management Bulk container, IBC and canister cleaning activity management,
Planning, control, organization and supervision of warehouses,
Distribution of products from logistics warehouses to customers,
ISO 13485 and Responsible Care Programs Support.