R & D

We are at your service with our high technology equipments and dynamic staff.

In our R & D center; We add value to our customers by developing innovative intermediate products with our high-tech equipment and dynamic staff.
Ankalaps has focused on R & D investments in its high-tech laboratories in order to meet customer requirements. Our company, with a professional R & D team with high knowledge and experience, creates a team for product development and technical support and carries out various projects. Important investments in the field of R & D have played an active role in the growth process of our company. Not only does it respond to the needs of its customers in the most appropriate way, but also special studies are carried out according to customers' applications. With this solution-oriented approach to production and development, it has taken service quality to the highest levels. High quality products and technical support are among the distinctive advantages of Ankalaps.

In addition to reducing the dependence of our country on foreign production by making production in a challenging sector, Ankalaps plans to respond quickly to the needs of the developing industry with quality products and will work to develop both safe production technologies and high-tech initiator systems. Our company regularly makes technical visits to its customers and gives technical trainings about our products.

Ankalaps has adopted fast and high quality service with the awareness that making a difference makes companies successful. Our company has become a team mate and solution partners with customers rather than a customer - supplier relationship. This understanding enables the supplier-employee-customer chain to act together for a long time.