Laparoscopic Ports With Single Cut

Ankalaps Single Incision Laparoscopic Port Systems is a minimally invasive, multi-instrument access device designed to facilitate Laparo-endoscopic single incision (LESS) surgery. This system is suitable for laparoscopic abdominal surgery, breast surgery and transanal laparoscopic procedures. It provides a small abdominal incision to allow laparoscopic devices to pass into the abdominal region. It facilitates the passage of the laparoscopic device through the port and protects the pneumoperitoneum in the abdomen during the surgical procedure. This system includes 2 5-12mm, 2 5mm instrument transition ports and 2 insufflation ports.
Easy insertion and removal:
The entrepreneur device is designed as a ring that provides safe and easy access to the abdominal cavity with a single incision. the portion placed at the incision site provides wound protection and helps facilitate sample removal. It is self-adjusting to different incision lengths and can be used up to 12 cm abdominal wall thickness.
Flexible device ports:
Flexible ports enhance access to the surgical site and accommodate different types and sizes of laparoscopic instruments, including straight, curved and articulation. Duckbill / lipseal valves allow the instruments to enter and exit while maintaining the pneumoperitoneum.
Advanced ports and smoke evacuation:
The low intraabdominal profile and smoke evacuation of the system provide excellent visibility. The insufflation connector allows for easy connection and smoke evacuation.