OEM Manufacturing Services


Ankalaps pays great attention for R & D in Turkey.

We became the leading companies in R & D in Turkey and create assuming we offer OEM production processes, our customers and our products have become a solution partner OBL and PL. We are proud to produce superior quality products for the demanding companies in the global and local market by using our own knowledge and experience in the Private Branded Products category and to deliver our products to a wider audience.

We are ready to be your solution partner for all your private label production.

The needs for creating the right product are determined in line with customer demands.

In our R & D center, special formulation development works are carried out in line with customer needs.

The price offer prepared with product samples is presented to the evaluation of our customers.

Upon request, new product samples and price proposals are prepared by making revisions on the product.

After reconciliation of sample and price, order stage is started.

Production is made and shipment is made on the given date.