Infection Risk

Post - op Infection Risks
Approximately 2-5% of patients undergoing boarding surgery experience a wound infection. Patients who develop wound infection are on average 7-10 days more at hospitalAbout 60% of these patients are in intensive care. The risk of mortality in this case is 2 to 11 times higher than in patients with no infection.

Provides 360°
Atraumatic Retraction
  • Increases visibility and working space.
  • Minimize the potential risk of trauma and pain with distributing force evenly.
  • Allows for maximum exposure with a minimum incision size.
Provides 360°
  • Significantly decreases wound infection.
  • Allows visualization of wound margins.
  • Maintains moisture at the incision site.
Ultimate Versatility
  • Quick and effortless set up.
  • Used in all types of operations.
  • Maximizes the surgical efficiency and reduces the need of hand holdable retractors.
  • Facilitates the laparoscopic procedures.

Usage Areas

  • General
    Inguinal Hernia Repair (XS, S), Thyroidectomy (XS, S), Appendectomy (S, M), Splenectomy (L, XL).
  • Bariatric
    Lap Gastric Bypass (XS, S), Open Gastric Bypass (L, XL).
  • Colon & Rectal
    Lap Colectomy (S, M Laparoscopic System), Open Colectomy (L,XL).
    Postpartum Tubal Ligation (XS), Bilateral Salpingo Oophorectomy (XS, S), Mini-Laparotomy (S,M) Myomectomy (S,M,L), Cesarean Section (L,XL).
  • Breast
    Lumpectomy (XS, S), Mastectomy (S,M), Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy (XS, S).
  • Orthopaedic
    Total Shoulder Arthroplasty (S), Total Hip Arthroplasty (S,M,L).
  • Cardiothoracic
    Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS) (XS, S) Mitral Valve Repair/Replacement (S,M) Thoracotomy (S,M).

Wound Protector Retractor Without Cover Dimension Table

Length Hard/Round Soft/Round Hard/Square Soft/Square Pieces/Box
XXS 1,0 - 3,0 cm 25 mm 80 mm AIPXXS-HR AIPXXS-SR AIPXXS-HS AIPXXS-SS 5 Pcs
XS 2,0 - 4,0 cm 50 mm 110 mm AIPXS-HR AIPXS-SR AIPXS-HS AIPXS-SS 5 Pcs
S 2,5 - 6,0 cm 80 mm 125 mm AIPS-HR AIPS-SR AIPS-HS AIPS-SS 5 Pcs
M 5,0 - 9,0 cm 110 mm 200 mm AIPM-HR AIPM-SR AIPM-HS AIPM-SS 5 Pcs
ML 7,0 - 11,0 cm 130 mm 200 mm AIPML-HR AIPML-SR AIPML-HS AIPML-SS 5 Pcs
L 9,0 - 14,0 cm 150 mm 220 mm AIPL-HR AIPL-SR AIPL-HS AIPL-SS 5 Pcs
XL 11,0 - 17,0 cm 200 mm 250 mm AIPXL-HR AIPXL-SR AIPXL-HS AIPXL-SS 5 Pcs
XXL 15,0 - 23,0 cm 250 mm 250 mm AIPXXL-HR AIPXXL-SR AIPXXL-HS AIPXXL-SS 5 Pcs

With Cover

  • Adapts to different incision sizes.
  • Provides 360° atraumatic retraction.
  • Provides 5-12 mm standard laparoscopic instrumentation passage.
  • Provides greater freedom of movement thanks to the low profile design.
  • Provides a flexible fulcrum for standard laparoscopic instrumentation.
  • Maintains pneumoperitoneum for continuous access.
  • Facilitates large sample extraction with simple separation from the Woop retractor.

Wound Protector Retractor With Laparoscopic Cover

Model Reference Application Number Of Ports
Hard Round Hard Square 5 mm 10 mm
WOOP/S-PORT AIPXS-HR/C-S AIPXS-HS/C-S Single Port Surgey 2 2
WOOP/M-PORT AIPXS-HR/C-M AIPXS-HS/C-M Laparoscopic Breast Surgey 2 2
WOOP/R-PORT AIPXS-HR/C-R AIPXS-HS/C-R Laparoscopic Rectal Surgey 2 2
WOOP/L-PORT-S AIPS-HR/C AIPS-HS/C Laparoscopic Surgey - 1
WOOP/L-PORT-M AIPM-HR/C AIPM-HS/C Laparoscopic Surgey - 1
WOOP/V-PORT-S AIPS-HR/C-VS AIPS-HS/C-VS Laparoscopic Vaginal Surgey 2 1
WOOP/V-PORT-M AIPS-HR/C-VM AIPS-HS/C-VM Laparoscopic Vaginal Surgey 2 1